15 year background in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing.


  • Building Regenerative Economies

    Global citizen focused on tikkun olam "repairing the world."  


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    "I see in Brian a powerful warrior, philosopher, poet."

    -Shannon Lee, CEO BruceLee.com


    "You held him up when I was at his lowest allowing me to finish. I remember every moment. Thank you......You were so important to Marshall's success. Truly, at so many of my lowest points, you - and only you - were the one that he wanted and needed to be out there beside him on the road. Mile after mile. We remember. And appreciate all that you did, because of who you are."

    -Heather & Marshall Ulrich, Author, Public Speaker, & Etreme athlete champion couple in ultra running, adventure racing (featured as Stray Dogs in World's Toughest Race, and mountaineering during his Guinesss World Record Attempt for Running Across America.


    "When it comes to each of your stated desires – passion, resilience, resource magnetism, and leadership – I can say without reservation that Brian Weinberg has my highest and most unreserved recommendation. I would trust him with my money, my ambition, and my reputation. He delivers. He is the real deal. You will not find someone more qualified."

    - Sean Foote, Venture Capitalist (Co-founder Toniic, Village Capital; Managing Director Labrador Ventures, Faculty UC Berkeley in Impact Investing/ Venture Capital)


    "What is most remarkable about Brian is that he is so humble about his many achievements. Because I mostly worked with him on The Chiapas Project, it wasn’t until I reviewed his resume that I learned that he has a 4.0 GPA in a double major while still participating in multiple campus activities and leading a major initiative leading business leaders in Dallas. He is well-organized, polished, strategic in the best sense of the word, and capable of getting any job done. I support him without reservation."

    - Dr. Gretchen Bataille, Former President University of North Texas


    "Brian is a true mensch with the deepest integrity and endless curiosity. His courage to take risks and explore how to best support humanity have led him on a journey of innovative knowledge and skill-building at the intersection of economic development, social equity, and ecological health. The longer I have known Brian, the more I have seen how deeply he embodies the values he brings to his work. His personality and way of living strike a chord in my heart because they are so familiar to me. His character reminds me of my late father, Jerry Zucker (who passed in 2008), an inventor, entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist who lived the values of “Tikkun Olam” each day of his life in a way that was cellular in nature. Brian is like this—his value of “Tikkun Olam” is cellular in nature. The way humanity, integrity, curiosity, and commitment meet in Brian is so powerful that it moves me to tears. So often, as young leaders work to innovate, they forget about the wisdom of the past and reinvent the wheel. Brian works with intergenerational partners, integrating their wisdom, as they build collaborative movements--across organizations and governments--to bring communities to their full potential. Brian is courageous in his emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual inquiry. He is always growing and working on the harmonies of every part of himself. This is how he embodies his culture of holistic, regenerative leadership."

    - Andrea Lee Zucker, many hats Artist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Impact Investor


    "I'm still trying to figure this out but at this point I'm convinced that Brian was born brilliant with an insatiable quest for knowledge and over time he developed the capacity for systems thinking and innovation. His quest for knowledge led to global travels, where he repeatedly observed abject poverty, which stimulated his passion to understand how this has come to be and responsibility to do something about it. This temperament has never waivered as a driving force. I have had the great pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest people on the planet on a number of projects from global housing solutions with Buckminster Fuller, to the Greening of the White House with President Clinton, to new approaches for housing research scientists and their work in Antarctica with NSF, to new concepts for Habitat International with President Carter and Mikhail Gorbachev; Brian is much younger than most of my teammates but has more knowledge, breadth, depth and potential than most of my colleagues on those projects. He is willing to leave dream jobs and put everything at risk to address the most critical problems challenging the future of human life on our planet. He inspires me, and is one of the reasons I am optimistic about the future."

    -Bob Berkebile, Chairman Emeritus, BNIM; Co-Director, Foundation for Regeneration


    Expressions, musings, and ruminations.

    2023年5月20日 · Social Change,Essay
    On April 20, 2023 I attended the White House Invest in Nature Summit on Earth Day. I was representing the Foundation for Regeneration as co-Director. I enjoyed the symbolism of the moment in hand by bringing with me three charms: 1) the rock gifted to me by Marshall Ulrich was retrieved...
    Audio Above: All from the following book and audio cd's. This is the voice of Albert Einstein on December 10, 1945 during the Nobel Prize Ceremony: "The war is won but peace is not..."  published in... "Words That Shook The World " 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events By Richard...
    2021年2月2日 · Social Change,Essay
    You may have heard of the new app I'm spending too much time on called Clubhouse. It's basically like a 24/7 conference with endless rooms you can drop in and out of and get on stage to speak at any time. By the way, we've created the Regeneration Club and Discord message board. If you're not on...
    2021年1月31日 · Social Change
    Everybody asks... what is the definition of regeneration? That is not such an easy question to answer:   Regeneration represents a movement of people and a body of scholarly work drawing on how living systems work. In Latin, Regeneration means “to create again.” It can be applied to different...