“I am only one,

    but I am one.

    I cannot do everything,

    but I can do something.

    And what I can do,

    I ought to do.

    And what I ought to do,

    by the grace of God,

    I shall do.”

    ― Edward Everett Hale


    July 26, 2023


    Dear Human:


    On my LinkedIn, my title for several years was listed as ‘human being.’ I suppose that’s because I don’t want to reduce such a magnificent and beautiful set of human processes to a job title. I am more than that. And you are too.


    There is enough on my website for you to get a sense of what I am about.


    If we vibe, let's try to leave a trail of impact in the rear view mirror.


    The world needs more insights, good laughs, and/or social change.


    The world needs more light and more bravery to create a world without waste or war.


    To do that, we need good partnerships with deep roots that will lead to traction and growth.


    They say "you should live in NYC but leave before becoming too hard. And live in SF before becoming too soft." I did both of these things and after years also living as a global nomad, I am proud to call the heart of america my home.


    I live in KC with my wife Remi and dog Rosie focused on building placed based regenerative economies.


    Be in touch at bweinberg09@gmail.com if you got something to say ! :)