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"the EarthRise" Poem


1) Daniel Pinchbeck's book "How Soon is Now?" frames the collective challenges we face as humanity's initiation. I like the idea of naming that initiation "the EarthRise."

2) On Thomas Huebl retreats (whose teachings this poem is directly tied to) @ IONS one typically sees the moonrise and sunrise /sunset in the sky mirrors Edgar Mitchel's oneness moment looking at the earth from outer space. It was read at their Board Meeting.

We are the Walking Planet

Calling Forth the EarthRise

To Cross the Threshold of Humanity's Initiation.


Into the Present Sun

Shining Light on the Shadow Choices

of Individual & Collective Unconscious

Made Again & Again in Each Moment

Diluting our Own Evolutionary Potential.

Here We Sit in the Stillness

Until the Essential Movement Emerges

To ReWrite the Book of Life

Across Time & Space

From Beginning to End...