I am a global citizen focused on tikkun olam "repairing the world."

    My lifework is about advancing a regenerative future.

    Leveraging the capital market for good.


    Summary: Experienced Operator (for companies $500k - $5 million in revenue), Advisor, and Investor (about $100 million in debt/equity deals) with decade plus history working in the philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing.


    Focus Themes:

    • Investment Readiness & Due Diligence
    • Strategy Distillation & Execution Traction
    • Business Planning & Fundraising
    • Inner /Outer Game Coaching
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Operational Efficiencies


    " You held me up when I was at my lowest allowing me to finish. I remember every moment. Thank you......You were so important to Marshall's success. Truly, at so many of his lowest points, you - and only you - were the one that he wanted and needed to be out there beside him on the road. Mile after mile. We remember. And appreciate all that you did, because of who you are."


    -Marshall & Heather Ulrich, Extreme Endurance Elite in ultra running, adventure racing, and mountaineering reflecting on Marshall's run across America Guinness record attempt and film (52 days across 3k miles).


    " In Brian, I encounter a warrior, philosopher, poet dedicated to real social change."


    -Shannon Lee, CEO and daughter of BruceLee.com


    "When it comes to each of your stated desires – passion, resilience, resource magnetism, and leadership – I can say without reservation that Brian Weinberg has my highest and most unreserved recommendation. I would trust him with my money, my ambition, and my reputation. He delivers. He is the real deal. You will not find someone more qualified."


    - Sean Foote, Managing Director Labrador Ventures; Co-founder Toniic; Co-founder Village Capital; Faculty UC Berkeley


    "What is most remarkable about Brian is that he is so humble about his many achievements. Because I mostly worked with him on The Chiapas Project, it wasn’t until I reviewed his resume that I learned that he has a 4.0 GPA in a double major while still participating in multiple campus activities and leading a major initiative leading business leaders in Dallas. He is well-organized, polished, strategic in the best sense of the word, and capable of getting any job done. I support him without reservation."


    - Dr. Gretchen Bataille, Former President University of North Texas



    SkillsLab Speaker Series by NEXUS Lab on Regenerative Culture

    Click here to access a dropbox of audio/video episodes below:

    • Robert McNaughton, CEO Integral Center "Understanding Worldviews"
    • Lori Darley, CEO Conscious Leaders "The Drama Triangle"
    • Morgan Simon, CEO Candide Group "Empowering Finance Structures"
    • Bill Reed, Partner at Regenesis Group "Regenerative Real Estate"
    • Ben Haggard, Partner at Regenesis Group "Story of Place"
    • Carol Sanford, Carol Sanford Institute "Living Systems"

    "The Future of Capitalism and Regenerative Economics Video Series"

    by Capital Institute founder John Fullerton and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl

    • Part 1: Could the transformation of finance save the planet?
    • Part 2: Why do eight families own half the world’s wealth?
    • Part 3: How can we answer the call of the future?
    • Part 4: Is a shift in consciousness the first step towards a new economy?
    • Bonus: The Challenge of Climate Change

    GAMECHANGERS Audio Series:

    Click here to listen to the SoundCloud playlist of the episodes below:

    • Episode #1: Sam Daley- Harris (Microcredit Summit)
    • Episode #2: Daniel Epstein (Part 1 - Unreasonable Group)
    • Episode #3: Daniel Epstein (Part 2 - Unreasonable Group)
    • Episode #4: Monica Brand (Accion Frontier Investments)
    • Episode #8: Sean Foote (Labrador Ventures, Toniic)
    • Episode #16: Bob Pattillo (Grey Ghost Ventures)
    • Episode #21: Ron Cordes (Cordes Foundation)

    GAMECHANGERS Video Series:

    Click here to listen/watch the Youtube playlist of the episodes below:

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