“I am only one,

    but I am one.

    I cannot do everything,

    but I can do something.

    And what I can do,

    I ought to do.

    And what I ought to do,

    by the grace of God,

    I shall do.”

    ― Edward Everett Hale


    November 28, 2017


    Dear Reader:


    Perhaps I am a bit rebellious to resist the temptation to impress you with a laundry list of my lifetime achievements. And I’m curious what good that would do in fostering a connection between us...in creating something new and emergent together such as a simple insight, a good laugh, or maybe something big... like a great piece of work that contributes to the world.


    On my LinkedIn, my title for several years was listed as ‘human being.’ I suppose that’s because I don’t want to reduce such a magnificent and beautiful set of human processes to a job title. I am more than that. And you are too.


    Across the website you will see my inspirations and expressions along this pursuit. Those networks I have engaged with along the way and my own offerings for those who resonate with them.


    Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to be in touch at bweinberg09@gmail.com.





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